Brahma Kumaris PURC Celebrate Janmashtami Festival with Enthusiasm

Brahmapur ( Odisha ): Celebrating the festivities of Janmashtami, a beautiful Shri Krishna idol was displayed, and childhood tales of Shri Krishna were celebrated by the Brahmapur Prabhu Upahar Retreat centre (PURC).

BK Manju shared the spiritual message of Janmashtami. She said that Supreme Soul Shiva is now giving the spiritual knowledge so that every human soul attains the divine qualities of Shri Krishna. She said Paradise is not far away where Shri Krishna is the First Prince. Denouncing the five vices, becoming doubly non-violent, and imbibing divine qualities are Supreme Soul Shiva’s teachings.

BK Mala conducted a quiz, a question-and-answer session on the Golden era. Various artists performed dance, song, etc., on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami in the presence of more than 150 audience participants.

BK Manju and BK Mala gave good wishes to all and presented Godly gifts to the artists.


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