Brahma Kumaris Participate in Le Havre Positive Planet Forum, France

Le Havre, France ( Europe ) : Some 5,000 people gathered for three days with 150 speakers from all over the world who presented practical positive propositions to change our societies facing new challenges, and the Brahma Kumaris were invited to participate.

Four main agreements have been signed by François Albert Amichia, Minister from the Ivory Coast; François Baroin for the French Mayors Association; Guy Geoffroy for the Ecological Mayors, and Michele Sabban for R20, in order to expand positive economy everywhere and help local officials to move on with this positive transition.

At this year’s Forum, an important place has been offered to young people through children and school forums, allowing them to address their concerns to the Education Ministry and to leaders of large corporations. Topics ranged from saving the oceans to new food and transportation modes, with many films being shown and a concert at the end, with artists like Martin Solveig, Kungs and Myd, among 35,000 people on the Nelson Mandela plaza.


A 10-minute meditation was conducted for a hundred children, aged 10 to 12 years, at the beginning of each session in the morning and afternoon. Children as well as adults participated with a great attention into these moments of meditation where they became heroes and superheroes who can travel beyond time and space in the vehicle of their choice.

Children also participated in creative workshops on the theme: “Let’s build our sustainable city”. How would we travel? What would our public places look like? How would an ecological school be set up? How would we behave in a circular economy? … They even made up a recipe for homemade tooth paste!

School children Forum

The BK Team attended an interview of Jacques Attali (writer, economist, former adviser to the President) in front of 600 teenagers … whose lack of attention would emphasize the need of meditation at school!!

The Forum started with a 10-minute meditation. During the day, BKs conducted much-appreciated “Just-a-minute” meditations.

Several 3-minute meditations on the themes of the Forum such as the four elements, women’s issue, etc., were conducted.

BK Maureen, Programs Director of Global Co-operation House, London, took part in a panel on the theme: “What type of food to face the big collapse?” Maureen addressed the topic on a personal basis, saying: “I wonder whether, in times of chaos, I will be the one others will have to sustain, or if I’ll have enough inner power to support other people?”

BK Maureen also shared that sustainability means to take care of everyone, to see every human being as an equal and not to let anyone be left behind. We all must be responsible and proactive in our actions as well as our thoughts.

BK Maureen had a very good meeting with Jacques Attali and invited him to Mount Abu.

The team of organizers thanked everyone for their contribution to a positive world during this 8th LH Forum.


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