Brahma Kumaris of Guntur Provide Vegetables as Food for Cows

Guntur ( Andhra Pradesh ): During the national lockdown due to the corona pandemic, governments, social welfare societies, private groups and all others generally think of saving people, but rarely does anyone pay attention to domestic cattle which are also suffering from hunger.

Members of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Kothapet, Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, felt the agony of cattle who cannot speak. They arranged some loads of vegetable items and delivered them to a Cow Society named “Aavula Sangham” reared by the Goudiya Mattham Society for the protection of cows. Continuing the next day, again more loads of vegetables, cucumbers, brinjals, ridge gourd and grass, all only for cows and calves, were delivered by vans.

As the saying goes, “Service to Mankind is Service to God.”  When we serve others with a clean heart and pure aim for their Upliftment and Welfare, we receive abundant blessings from them in the form of their happiness. That goes into the deposit of our charities, a subtle account that becomes a protective shield during critical situations in our life. These blessings have the capacity to empower and relieve our soul from bondages of karma (deeds).

With such a noble attitude toward the silent cows, BK Ramu Bhai and BK Anantalaxmi of the BK Kothapet Centre took the initiative to arrange for the supply of vegetable items which were donated to Mr. Sambaiah, Head of the “Aavula Sangham” (Cow Society).