Brahma Kumaris Moscow Public Event : Friendship Unites The Hearts Program

Moscow ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris Moscow Public Event Friendship Unites The Hearts Programme dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Independence Day of India “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” Russia – India the binding Threads and to the International Day for the protection of Children.

A real festival of joy filled the hearts of the participants of the children’s programme organized at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow. The event was dedicated to the International Day for Protection of Children and brought together children and adults from Russia and India.

The festival started with the inspiring words of Didi Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, and Dr. Vijay Kumar. Guests were invited to get acquainted with the traditions of India and Russia, well prepared on two respective premises. The Indian families went to “The Russian Room” and the Russian families entered “The Indian Room.” The Indians learned a Russian dance and a Russian song, and the Russians learned an Indian dance and an Indian song. All the participants were given the introduction of the rules for welcoming guests in the respective countries.

Later, the Indians and the Russians met in the foyer and welcomed each other according to their traditions. All received a piece of bread with salt as per the Russian tradition and were decorated with a garland and a tilak as per the Indian tradition.

The central place in the programme was given to the action of sending good wishes to our Planet Earth. The children decorated the symbolic globe with beautiful paper flowers where their dreams and thoughts were written. They performed the learned songs in Russian and Hindi and sang the famous Russian song “Let there always be sunshine” together.

Then the participants proceeded to the main hall to enjoy a festive concert prepared by the children.  Mr. Dmitry Smirnov, President of the International Academy of Youth Tourism and Local History, named after A.A. Ostapets-Sveshnikov, greeted the audience with words full of joy and enthusiasm wishing all happiness.

Didi Sudha asked everyone to repeat the slogan “I am always happy.”  The unique atmosphere of spiritual happiness filled the hall.

The Ensemble of the Grand children’s choir of the Moscow Musical-Pedagogical College directed by Mrs. Svetlana Averkina performed two beautiful songs, both in Russian and English. A few children recited their poems. The audience enjoyed the famous Russian song “Kalinka-Malinka” performed by BK Larisa Gridina on the two flutes: the Russian wooden flute called Sopel and the classical modern metal flute.

At the end, the children presented the traditional dances they had learned before and all together enjoyed the common dance of happiness moving round the stage.

Many other interesting activities for the children and parents were added to the programme.

There was a feeling that the hearts were dancing united in the spirit of friendship and harmony.

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