Brahma Kumaris Moscow conduct Meditation at IDY Programs of Embassy of India

Moscow ( Russia ): Rajyogini BK Sudha, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow; BK Dr. Alexi, Moscow; and BK Olga Streltsova represented at the IDY programs organized by the Embassy of India, Moscow, at “Museonpark. The main focus has been to invoke interest in the Ancient Raja Yoga in modern time.
BK Sudha conducted a meditation session on the topic ‘The Ancient Raja Yoga for body and soul’.
Excerpts from her speech is as follows:
“Good afternoon dear Yoga lovers.
Om Shanti.
Om Shanti means I am a peaceful being. I am a peaceful soul.
The practice of Raja Yoga begins with the understanding of our true self, our original self. This understanding enables one to become self-sovereign. This is the purpose of Raja Yoga. Raja means the King. By practicing Raja Yoga, one becomes the ruler of his sense organs and the mind.
My true self:
Who am I? I am a soul. Each one of us is a soul. Body is the wonderful assemblage of instruments, which I, the soul use to perform different actions. It is the soul which gives life to the body. When the soul leaves the body, the person dies. The soul does not die. The body dies.
In form, the soul is a subtle point of light. It resides in the brain near the hypothalamus at the level of the center of the forehead.
The original nature of the soul is peace, purity and love.
The first step of Raja yoga is that I become aware of my true self and my original nature.
The more I am able to maintain this awareness during the day, the more my thoughts, words, actions and interaction with others become positive, that is pure. There is peace, love, and hence happiness. This positive energy emanating from me has a healthy effect on the atmosphere and my own body.
Raja Yoga and God
The word Yoga means connection or relation. Raja Yoga means connection and relation of me, the soul, with the Highest Being, the Supreme Being whom we refer to as God. This connection empowers the soul to maintain emotional stability in different situations of life. An emotionally stable person is able to make the right decision, which is very important for each one of us.
Therefore, there is a need to have the introduction of that Supreme Being, God, with whom, I, the soul want to connect.
God is Light. The tiny point of light like we souls but Supreme in Acts and Virtues. Therefore the expression – Supreme Soul.
God is always Positive, always Kind and Loving.
God is one. God belongs to all and all belong to God.
Abode of God:
God’s abode is the Abode of light, beyond the physical universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies where one can reach on the wings of thoughts of Knowledge and Love. That Abode is the Abode of Peace, the Home of sweet silence. The Abode of Peace is the Home of souls too.
All remember God as Father. God is the Father of all the souls, Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.

Raja Yoga is a natural awareness:
The important thing to note is that you can remain connected with your true self and with God, the Supreme Father, during actions too. Raja Yoga is not just a practice for 20 -30 minutes, it is a way of life. You need to remind yourself a few times a day – about yourself, about your Supreme Father and about your original Home:
I am a soul, a point of divine light …
Peace is my true nature …
I am the child of Supreme Father, the Ocean of Peace …
My original Home is the Abode of Light, the Home of sweet silence, the Abode of peace …
I spread light of hope and peace all over…”
With these words BK Sudha concluded the silence meditation which helped the audience to go beyond sound …
Dr. Alexi Chudinov shared a talk on ‘Raja Yoga and Satwik food as medicine’ while BK Olga Streltsova, sports trainer, spoke on the theme ‘Body needs movement and the mind needs peace.’ She explained about the importance of light yogic exercises to develop the self awareness and also demonstrated them.
IDY programs were also organised by Brahma Kumaris centres in the Russian cities of Tyumen, Volgagrad, Vladivostok, etc., and in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

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