Brahma Kumaris Mongolia Address e-Conference on International Day of Religions

 Ulaanbaatar ( Mongolia ): The Bahai Assembly in Mongolia organised an on-line conference to mark the International Day of Religions on the theme: “Life in Harmony“. BK Inna Kim, National Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, Mongolia, extended greetings on the special occasion and shared divine thoughts on the topic “Steps to bring Harmony in the World“.
Among other honoured delegates of the conference were Buddhist monks of the Dashichoiling Monastery in Ulaanbaatar Altankhuu Lama and monk Zuun Khuree, the Jewish priest Toby Philpott, the Catholic priest Father Giorgio Morengo, representative of the Islamic clergy, N. Adiyabold, President of the Bahá’í Assembly in Mongolia, Professor Demberel Sukhbaatar, National University of Mongolia.
They shared methods of creating harmony in life, talked about the importance of unity, and the understanding of one human family.

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