Brahma Kumaris Mohali Celebrate Janmashtami with Enthusiasm

Mohali ( Punjab ):  Janamashtami, the birth day of Sri Krishna, the first Prince of Golden Age Satyuga, was celebrated with great devotion, love, zeal and enthusiasm by Brahma Kumaris in Mohali. Sukh Shanti Bhawan Phase 7 presented a festive look, tastefully decorated with flags, banners, coloured lights and chetan jhankis ( live deity shows ) on this occasion. A special public programme was organized in the spacious Hall of the Bhawan which was attended by more than 450 devotees from Ropar, Kurali, Kharar, Morinda, Nurpur Bedi and Mohali.  The programme included spiritual discourses, divine songs and Raas Leela and chetan jhanki of Sri Krishna, etc.

While presiding over the public function, Brahma Kumari Premlata, Director of Rajyoga Centres of Mohali Circle, congratulated all on Janamashtami and said that Sri Krishna’s life and character was a living example for all of humanity. She further said that values and virtues should be inculcated to lead an exemplary life like Sri Krishna — without any vested interest. She clarified that the present era is of utter irreligiousness and unrighteousness, when God Father Incorporeal Shiva has incarnated in the corporeal human form of Prajapita Brahma to uplift humanity to deities by imparting Godly knowledge and Rajayoga Meditation.

Brahma Kumari Rama,  Co-Director of  Rajyoga Centres Mohali Circle, on this occasion threw light on the life-sketch of Sri Krishna and his teachings. She inspired all to lead an ideal, pure, viceless and excellent life like Sri Krishna. She opined that Sri Krishna was Shyam at the end of Kaliyuga due to the influence of vices and Sunder in Satuyuga after victory over all vices. She also clarified that Sri Krishna had never stolen the clothes of the Gopis, but after giving up body-consciousness [awareness of the costume of the body], one could enjoy the real Milan with God Father.

Free week-long series of Rajyoga camps started at Brahma Kumaris Sukh Shanti Bhawan, Phase 7.