Brahma Kumaris launched Nasha Mukt Bharat abhiyaan : Arunachal Pradesh

TEZU ( Arunachal Pradesh ): In a bid to provide widespread awareness on Drug Free India campaign – Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan (NMBA), Brahma Kumaris, launched the mission in a simple ceremony.

Inmates from rehab centre of zonal hospital, SMO Dr S Towang, Principal of Nemkey Vidyapith School Sailu Billai, women police station Office InCharge(Inspector) Bharati Minki, District Research Officer Jonomo Rondo and others participated  in the event.

In his keynote address, Dr Towang spoke on multifaceted drugs issues, its causes, types and consequences. He said that mere awareness and rehab would not solve the issues unless proper vocational courses and proper follow up with self-employment opportunities are not provided.

Dr Towang added that other then rampant opium cultivation, porous border with Myanmar from where easy trading of synthetic drugs are the main cause of easy availability that led to addiction.

While putting light on NMBA, the Office InCharge(Inspector) Bharati Minkisaid that the police has been always involving in educating awareness campaign being initiated under Chief Minister Nasha Mukt Abhiyan in Lohit.

Expressing concern over drugs abuse in the township, Sailu Billai said that drugs addiction is alarming in Lohit and more youth and old are deeply entangled in it.

“Peddling of opium and other imported drugs are common practices. The recent conviction of three ladies for seven years of imprisonment by the special NDPS Court here, is a big lesion for us to alert and awake to get rid of this type of illegal activities”, she added.

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