Brahma Kumaris Iglas Advocate Organic Yogic Farming

Iglas(Uttar Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris of Iglas, Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh,  participated in a block level investment discussion.  BK Shanta of Anandpuri Colony center in Hathras, represented the Organization at this meet, along with its other members.

BK Shanta explained the concept of Organic Yogic Farming,  which is being popularized by Agriculture and Rural Wing of Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation.  She said that earth has been equated with mother in our culture.  The farmers work in producing grains is that of great penance.  Farmers should not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

She urged the farmers and officials present on this occasion to use organic manure instead.  This will benefit both the soil health as well as the health of the people consuming this produce.

Rajkumar Sahyogi, MLA from Iglas, Vinod Kumar, District Agriculture Officer, Anuj Jha, Chief Development Officer,  Indra Bhushan, District Officer, BK Hemlata of Iglas, along with many farmers attended this event.

News in Hindi:

इगलास में आयोजित कृषि मेला में ब्रहमाकुमारी बहिनों ने सहागिता कर शाश्वत योगिक खेती से किसानों व अधिकारियों को अवगत कराया।
इस अवसर पर जिलाधिकारी चन्द्रभूषण सिंह‚ ब्लॉक प्रमुख आर०पी० सिंह‚ विधायक इगलास राजकुमार सहयोगी‚ मुख्य विकास अधिकारी अनुनय झा‚ उपकृषि निदेशक अनिल कुमार‚ जिला कृषि अधिकारी विनोद कुमार‚ इगलास सेवाकेन्द्र की प्रभारी बी०के० हेमलता बहिन‚ हाथरस आनन्दपुरी कालोनी केन्द्र प्रभारी बी०के० शान्ता बहिन तथा सैकडों की तादात में किसान उपस्थित थे।

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