Brahma Kumaris hold conference on good governance in Mohali

Mohali ( Punjab ): Brahma Kumaris organised a conference on empowerment of administrators for good governance and sustainable progress.

KAP Sinha, Additional Chief Secretary of Finance and Taxation, Punjab, was the chief guest. The event was also attended by senior bureaucrats and people associated with the Brahma Kumaris.

Sinha discussed the five principles for the success of administrators: no difference in words and deeds; true faith in God; nothing is permanent; karma is yoga and freedom from prejudice or partiality. He also emphasized the principles of equality and humility.

Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Asha, Chairperson of the Administrative Services Wing of Brahma Kumaris and Director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Delhi, said that the work of the administrators for the society should be reasonable, pleasant and easy.

Vinay Bublani, Special Secretary, Home and Justice, Punjab, said that it is very important to maintain balance and be kind. Gautam Singhal, Joint Director, Punjab Vigilance Bureau, said that one must be committed to spirituality.


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