Brahma Kumaris Hanumakonda Honor Journalists and Media Personnel

Hanumakonda ( Telangana ): Brahma Kumaris Hanumakonda honored and felicitated the journalists in print media, electronic media and other leading contributors on World Press Freedom Day. The participants of this special event are Sridhar Reddy from Greater Warangal President Press Club, T. Venkateshwarlu, General Secretary from Greater Warangal Press Club as well as coastal managers.

BK Savita, Warangal Sub-zonal Incharge, BK Sudhakar, Senior Rajayogi, BK Vimla, Hanumakonda Branch Incharge, BK Diwakar Raju, BK Satyanarayana etc. were present on this occasion.

BK Savita gracefully acknowledged them and said that, media plays a very important role in transforming the present India to “Golden” India .She explained how Raja Yoga technique is very useful in relieving stress in this fast-paced current way of life. By applying Raj Yoga principles in daily life, one can achieve complete peace and happiness and all our collective efforts and contributions are essential in building the “Golden” Bharat.


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