Brahma Kumaris of Gwalior Honour Workers on International Labour Day

Gwalior ( Madhya Pradesh ): The Madhavganj branch of the Brahma Kumaris Gwalior organized a program on International Labour Day to share the message of De-addiction. BK Adarsh, Head of Brahma Kumaris Gwalior; Lokendra Sharma, Manager UCO Bank; Dinesh Bhagwat, District Sub Head of All India Consumers’ Panchayat; BK Jyoti; and BK Asha Singh, Social activist, were present on the occasion.

BK Adarsh felicitated workers from all walks of life and expressed her good wishes.  Speaking on the occasion, she said that anyone who does any work, physical or mental, is a labourer. The Supreme Lord did not intend to send anyone as a labourer to this earth. Rather he intended everyone to be a king. This is possible only by conquering the five elements. She urged everyone to pledge to boycott intoxicants. The Brahma Kumaris are making special efforts in the field of drug de-addiction.