Brahma Kumaris Felicitate Mothers on Mothers Day

Basavanagudi, Bangalore ( Karnataka ): On the occasion of Mother’s Day a program to honor mothers (Shiv Shaktis) was organized by the Brahma Kumaris of Basavanagudi. The programme started with BK Ambika describing the qualities of Mother and inspiring everyone to respect mothers. Looking divine with all the decorations, the Shiv Shaktis (Mothers) were asked to emerge their deity form and bless the whole world. Children danced to the songs on the qualities of mother. The environment was filled with divinity.

On this occasion Kokila, Corporator; Dr. Sudha Shankar; Dr. Amritha; Prof. Prasanna; Krithika, Singer and Serial actor; and Rudresh Babu, Co-director of the Kannada Chandana Channel, took the stage as guests and shared their experiences. This felicitation programme was done for 250 Shiv Shaktis(Mothers) in the midst of 500 divine BK family members.

Mother’s Day Message:

Mothers will always be mothers! They are gifted with the warmth of love, kindness and compassion. No matter how many titles or accolades her child receives, to a mother her child is still a child and not a VIP or a celebrity!
As we appreciate our mothers today, let us also remember that we have been blessed with many other mothers and many relationships through which we are being sustained and nourished.
Mother Earth is probably the most nourishing of mothers. Mother Earth provides and sustains us with her abundance and bounty. After all, alongside a mother’s love, food and water are essential. She gives unconditionally also, without considering caste or creed or measuring portions. Her richness is for all to enjoy.
Mothers come in different shapes and sizes. I am thinking of two spiritual mothers, one is Dadi Janki and the other is Mother Theresa. Both are packaged in small frail bodies and yet have managed to conquer a million hearts with their selflessness and generosity. They do not look at the clock, nor their own personal needs, and they continue to share in order to bring each individual into their own power and highest self-respect.
They have learned and understood that it is love that transforms and not force or rejection. When we love a child, he/she is free to grow up without any inhibitions. When we expect from the child, no matter how subtly, there is a pressure of a ton of bricks on their heart, which immobilizes them! They do not progress and remain stagnant. This gives birth to disappointment and a circle of depressive thoughts. Learn to love, accept and embrace.
The drama of life can also be considered a mother. We should believe that the events in our life are always in our favor and are ready to teach us something at every turn. The mother would not put you in a difficult situation if she was not convinced that you could find your way out. So trust and flow with the drama of life! Don’t reject it and don’t complain about it as though it’s a private conspiracy against you. Dra – ma (mother) is there for your benefit and progress always – this is a healthy way of thinking.
Friends can often act as mothers as they look out for us. When a mother cannot be present, perhaps a friend, slightly older than you or a mature elder, has ‘adopted’ you and you feel totally secure in their presence.
Perhaps one of the greatest qualities a mother has to learn is to love but not get attached. Her attachment cripples the child. The child will suffocate in this attachment, while she believes it to be love. There is the saying that when you love someone, you set them free and if they are meant to be yours, they will always come back to you. So too set your children free, they will thank you for it.
Don’t forget to mother yourself in the process. No one knows me better than I know myself and it is important to be gentle and accepting of the self. Just as the mother loves the child not withstanding his strengths and weaknesses, I need to learn to love myself in times of glory and times of hardship.
Mothering the self is about listening to and respecting the self. It’s about loving and caring for yourself, providing the right nourishment, getting ample sleep, and speaking softly to yourself, not with hostility and aggression.
There are two voices inside all of us. One is the angel while the other is the devil. To whom shall we heed? Well that will depend on how much I love and respect myself. If I give in to the voice of the devil which is telling me to do something wrong, then I am sabotaging my true and higher self. A mother will never ask her child to do something unfavorable or injurious. So too, why should I unnecessarily put myself in such a predicament?
It’s time … to look at the real meaning of motherhood. Mothers are indeed angels sent by God to look after us. Let us not put too many expectations on her, and instead lighten her burden by taking some responsibility in nurturing ourselves. We will then be thanking the Drama of life for making us that much wiser when it’s our turn to mother!