Brahma Kumaris enhanced the presitige of district : MLA Jagasi Ram Koli

Mandar ( Rajasthan ): The newly constructed Aradhana Bhawan of Brahma Kumaris, in the Ricco area of ​​Mandar, was inaugurated on Sunday in the holy presence of Senior Rajyogini BK Geeta, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris BK Mruthyunjaya, Mahant Kailashgiri of Kusma Ramchandra Temple, Reodar MLA Jagasi Ram Koli, Maharaja Mahavir Singh Deora, Sarpanch Parvat Singh Devda, Deputy Sarpanch Devi Singh Deora, Director of Global Hospital BK Dr. Pratap, BK Geeta from Bhinmal, BK Shail, In-charge of Brahma Kumaris in Mandar,  Senior Rajyogis from Rajasthan, and dignitaries of the local area.

The inaugural ceremony included cultural programs, dance, song, cake cutting, candle lighting and good wishes from the invited guests. Mandar center in-charge BK Shail, who has been serving Mandar for 20 years, welcomed and honored the guests with a garland of flowers and a safa (sacred turban).

MLA Jagasi Ram Koli said that Brahma Kumaris enhanced the prestige of the district and the assembly constituency by giving the message of  spiritual knowledge and peace to the country and the world. He offered his help to the Brahma Kumaris.

Senior Rajyogini BK Geeta from Shantivan said that Brahma Kumaris is not a religion or a sect. Here Godly services are provided by staying away from vices.

BK Dr. Pratap Midha, Director, Global Hospital, said that one can attain the knowledge of God by staying in the family and staying away from bad qualities.

BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, said that mandar means the bhandara is full (the store is plentiful). The sisters are serving the area spiritually with divine knowledge. This is a celebration of peace and world transformation can happen only though peace and love.

Sarpanch Parvat Singh Deora said that one can attain divine knowledge and experience peace by coming to Aradhana Bhawan. He gave assurance to build a cement road up to the center.

BK Aruna from Sirohi, BK Ranju from Jalore, BK Jaya  from Sanchore, BK Gunjan, BK Meera from Phalna, BK Jagdish, BK Sudhir, BK Komal and BK Kavita from Shantivan were also present on the occasion. Stage co-ordination was done by BK Supriya, Editor of BK Daily eNews from Mount Abu.

BK Geeta from Bhinmal, who laid the seed of Brahma Kumaris service in Mandar thanked everyone on the occasion.



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