Brahma Kumaris Conferred with Global Spiritual Doctor Awards on World Mental Health Day

Surat ( Gujarat ): On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, a Live Webinar was organized jointly in collaboration with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Surat; the Association of Physicians of Gujarat (APG); the Association of Physicians of Surat (APS), and the Association of Indian Physicians of North Ohio (AIPNO), USA, for Medical Practitioners and Medical Students on Saturday 10th October, 2020 from 9:30 am.

A keynote speech by Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita Didi on the topic “Instant Ease From Mental Dis+Ease” was the topic of this webinar.

On this occasion, Dr. Mita Paswala, President of APS, after welcoming all, on behalf of IMA-Surat, APG and APS, conferred the prestigious Award “Outstanding Global Spiritual Doctor Award” to Rajyogini BK Dr. Kala Didi and “Exceptional Global Spiritual Doctor Award” to Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita Didi in recognition of their outstanding and exceptional achievements respectively.

Dr. Hiral Shah, President of IMA-Surat, while presenting his opening remarks, stated that mental health is very important in increasing stress today because of the pandemic.

Dr. Amit Mohan, Executive Director at Advanced Recovery Concepts, Ohio, USA, and a member of The American Medical Association, while presenting his opening remarks, laid emphasis on the mind-body connection for balance in life to ease mental disease and for better health during growing depression cases because of the pandemic.

Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita, Senior Rajayoga Teacher from Shantivan, Brahma Kumaris Head Quarters, while presenting her keynote speech on “INSTANT EASE FROM MENTAL DIS+EASE” during this webinar, highlighted some instant tips for better mental health. She said every disease or illness of the body is due to mental dis+ease. So for instant ease, three tips that she shared with examples and stories were: 1. Breathe in Positivity and Breathe out Positivity. 2. Be your Original Self rather than comparing with others and entering into a rat race and 3. Never Give Up because the referee has not yet blown the whistle and to have full faith in our Life Game Leader God Shiva and Be connected with Him.

Dr. Sunita Didi has also taken a practical meditation session and relaxation exercise for all the viewers by giving positive thoughts to the mind who experienced instant ease for a few minutes during the webinar.

During the Webinar, Rajyogini Dr. BK Kala, Director, Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center, Brahma Kumaris, New York, USA, had shared her spiritual wisdom and blessed the event with her divine wishes. She said that the work done in the field of mental health is very closely connected with Spirituality. It is the energy of our vibrations that the health professionals carry with them to the patients’ room that provide the peace, faith, hope, acknowledgement and acceptance which may allow them to experience instant ease. Love is the basic energy that we hold within us and everyone wants nowadays and we need to supply this to those who are deprived of it. The way to supply is to acknowledge and accept. Love Is internal and so I love myself for who I am and experience the Love of Creator, Love of Divine and not be dependent upon others for Love. Dr. Kala heartily commended the organizers for even thinking to organize such a good program and ended with emphasis on the need of a high level of positive vibrations at the workplace too.

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