Brahma Kumaris at the 59th Session for the United Nations Commission for Social Development

New York ( USA ): “59th Session for the United Nations Commission for Social Development”- This workshop discussed how technology can engender stability in a time of uncertainty by highlighting motivational and award-winning meditation programs conducted during the pandemic. It included conversations with partner organizations — Radio Madhuban, Champions for Children, and Digital Impact Square — which explored how we can foster resilience and nurture communities.

The BK team presented a side event entitled “Building Stronger Communities: Harnessing Digitalization and Human Potential”.
BK Karen from Tampa delivered the oral statement for the BK’s entitled
Bridging the Gap: Using Accessible Technology to Help Communities Thrive.
BK Karen also took part in a panel discussion in which she represented her employer, Champions for Children who partnered with the Brahma Kumaris for the event. Other panelists where Krishna Katakam of Radio Madhuban and Bhanu Prasad of Digital Impact Square with Shivani Dayal as the moderation.
Also on the team were BK Kinnari from New Jersey, BK Sabita from New York and BK Nidhi from UK.

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