Brahma Kumaris are playing an important role in the path of spirituality

REASI ( Jammu and Kashmir ): Maha Shivratri Festival and flag hoisting program was organised by Brahma Kumaris Reasi.

Deputy Commissioner Reasi, Charandeep Singh was the chief guest on the occasion. He said that only spirituality can bring a positive change in the world and Brahma Kumaris are playing an important role in the path of spirituality. “Spirituality is the need of the present time because only through spirituality, the society can be freed from the evils,” he said, adding that the administration was always ready for whatever help the organization needs from the Government side.

Chairperson BK Sudershan, (In Charge of  Brahma Kumaris J&K Ladakh, Northern zone Coordinator Sports wing RERF), while describing the spiritual meaning of Shivratri, explained that in the darkness of ignorance (Kaliyug) Incorporeal Supreme Father God Shiva incarnates in the corporeal body of Prajapita Brahma and takes all the souls towards the light of knowledge .
“At present time (Sangam yug), God Shiva has come to this earth and is doing the work of world transformation,” she added.

Sanjay Badyal, Assistant Commissioner Revenue, who was guest of honor on the occasion, appreciated the selfless services of Brahma Kumaris sisters and said that his wife also follows the teachings given by Brahma Kumaris which has brought a lot of change in her life.

BK Ravinder, Senior Rajayogi Brahma Kumaris J&K, while giving his inspirational words, said that by forgetting the true introduction of self, all evils entered in this world. He also added: “We have to realize ourselves as a divine soul once again and this knowledge of self will make us powerful”.

BK Kanta, BK Asha, BK Sharda , BK Sudesh , BK Neeru , BK Sushma , BK Rajni, BK Anju, BK Kusum Lata were also present in the program, during which children performed very beautiful dance .

BK Palvi (In Charge of  Brahma Kumaris, Reasi) gave welcome words, introduction of organization and vote of thanks. Stage was conducted by BK Ravinder.

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