Brahma Kumaris Adyar Felicitate Sanity Workers of Greater Chennai Corporation

Adyar, Chennai ( Tamilnadu ): On International Workers day, May 1stBrahma Kumaris Adyar organised felicitation ceremony for all the sanitary workers from the greater Chennai corporation of the Adyar zone.
The Program was held in the BK centre, Vaikundh Lighthouse. Guests Mr. Ramesh, Assistant Zonal Coordinator, Urbaser Sumeet; Mr. Thirunavukarasu, Sub-Inspector, Adyar zone; Mrs. Janani, Secretary of the ROKA Association; Mr. Balaji, Supervisor, Urbaser Sumeet; and BK Gopalakrishnan, Deputy Director, Town planningTamilnadu, participated in the program and graced the occasion.
Highlights of the program
Around 75 sanitary workers were honoured with shawls for their noble service to the society. Senior sister Rajayogini Dr. BK Muthumani in her blessing address mentioned how meditation helps one to be stress-free when we are involved with public work. We can handle situations and circumstances with a quiet and calm mind, and Rajayoga meditation is helpful in that way to them.
Guests congratulated the workers for all the good work that they have been doing.

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