Brahma Kumaris Address Webinar on Interfaith Humanitarian Alliance

Dehradun ( Uttarakhand ) : A webinar on Interfaith Humanitarian Alliance was organized by Sphere India, in collaborative partnership with UNICEF, WHO, World Vision India, and the HCL Foundation. The plenary session had inter-faith leaders from all religions come together to ‘Build Community Resilience through Credible Information Sharing and Prevent Stigma and Discrimination’.

The faith leaders addressed the need of the hour – to gather more knowledge about the pandemic, dispel rumours about vaccinations, and continue following Covid appropriate behavior. They also underlined the importance of keeping a positive outlook that enables mental and physical well being.

Reverend Ratnaraj, Manager, Faith & Development, World Vision India, in his Keynote Address, underlined the importance of faith leaders and the critical role they play in the community as agents of change and the way in which this could be channeled to spread awareness on Covid-19.

Swami Dayadhipananda, Medical Superintendent at Ramakrishna Mission, Haridwar, focused on the importance of knowledge that dispels fear in society. He stressed on following Covid-19 protocols and keeping our bodies fit with “right eating, right living and right thinking.”

Father John Wesley of Life Giving Ministries Trust, Dehradun, stressed on spreading love to the patients, reaching out and boosting their morale.

Sister Nidhi from Brahma Kumaris, Dehradun, spoke about spiritual energy and how to spread harmony and peace during this time. She also emphasized the need to “not to be stuck in the past, learn from it, let it be, and move ahead.”

Guru Samarpan Sagar Maharaj, a Jain spiritual leader from Uttarakhand, brought out the importance of following our fundamental duties as ideal citizens at this time. “Our shortcomings and carelessness may be detrimental to others, so it is critical to follow the guidelines on Covid-19. We need to change our attitude – a change in one person will translate further to his household, his community and then to the country.”

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