Brahma Kumaris Address Grand Bhakti TV ‘Koti Deeptosavam’ at NTR stadium

Hyderabad ( Telangana ): ‘Koti deepotsavam 2022’ is the event organised by the Bhakti TV at NTR stadium Hyderabad where devotees get a chance to light up one crore lamp in an act to offer puja to Lord Siva.

Bhakti TV, the devotional Telugu TV channel of Rachana Television Private Limited, and NTV combinedly organizes Koti Deepotsavam events every year during Kartheeka Masam as per Telugu lunar calendar.

In this event, BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris was invited to address the huge gathering in the presence of thousands of devotees.

BK Sister Jayanti said, “If we can experience Om Shanti, we are in that stage where Om means I am a peaceful soul, and with this consciousness all my brothers and sisters who I hear just now can experience peace within one moment. The Supreme Soul is the one eternal light the one whose light never ends, the one whose light is forever and Supreme Being comes and ignites the lights of all these souls because the eternal light is the light of knowledge the ocean of knowledge. The Supreme Being is the light of truth, this is why he also known as Satyam Shivam Sundaram the one who is Shiva, kalyankari the benefactor, is also the one who is ultimate truth.

Here are many lights that are decorating this place but the light of God is the most beautiful light of all because that light is the light of love, the light of truth, the light of purity, the light of compassion, the light of forgiveness, the light of bliss, the light of joy and so God comes us to teach Rajayoga so that we can connect with that Supreme power.

The soul is a sparkling star a point of light here in the center of the forehead and the Supreme Soul the supreme being is also the infinite testimo point of light but the one who radiates infinte light the one shows light and able to transform this world from kaliyug in to satyug and when we souls connect with that Supreme Father Shiva then that Supreme Father is able to give us the same qualities that he has. They say that we have been created with the image of God and so very human soul connected with God experiences that light of truth and purity so that we can be transformed from our current tamopradhan state to our original satopradhan stage.

God is the one who is the mother the one who gives us infinite love. God is also the Supreme father the one who gives us a very special property “the property of happiness“. God is the one who is also our Supreme teacher and he gives eternal light, has eternal knowledge and comes to ignite the light of the soul. So, that we also are able to receive all wisdom, all knowledge from the Supreme teacher- firstly we get the knowledge, of self so that there is self-realization and then knowledge of the creator who is He? The knowledge of the whole world cycle, and how the cycle moves from satyug(golden age) to treta to dwapar(copper age) to kalyug(iron age).
Where do you think we are right now in terms of the world cycle? Probably you will agree with me when I say that we are now in kaliyug the era of darkness when there is tamo-pradhanta(darkness of vices). But God the supreme light transforms the darkness of kaliyug so that the kaliyug finish and satyug is to come. So, the Supreme light is the one who is able to transform the darkness and bring about the day once more. Our good fortune is to know that we are now at this period where we connect with the divine and we are able to move from kaliyug to satyug. But in order to do this, we need to have that link of love with the divine and experience all relations with God as mother and father, teacher and a friend.

A friend who is always available for us but also the Satguru the one who can lead us from darkness to light, the one guide for salvation giving us the power to become pure and return to our sweet home, the world of infinite light which is soul’s home, and from that home we again begin the cycle of jeevanmukti. From mukti we come to jeevanmukti the period of satyug. So, this is that very critical period (sangam yug-diamond age) in which God comes in to this human world to finish unrighteousness and to establish truth and righteousness once again.

So, we are very fortunate that because god has so much love for all of us God actually leaves his home (supreme world) and comes down in to the human world so that he is able to play that role and give us the experience of all relationships with that one. Just consider that the infinite point of light is also is the one who has the infinite light the one whose light reaches across the three worlds.

So, what I suggest we have a few minutes in which we experience what is yoga what is that union that communication with the divine in which we are able to experience all the treasures that God wants to give us.

When God sees that we are impure, in distress and unhappy, that time God enters this world so that we can again become pure and satopradhan by igniting the light of true knowledge within and yes through that we can help God’s task in the establishing of satyug (the kingdom of truth) once again.

So, lets experience for just a few minutes that connection with the divine. I would speak my own thoughts and invite you to follow these ideas in silence so just for a few minutes those who are able to be quiet and silent just let all the sound emerged and experience that stillness that God can gives us. I come to the awareness of the inner being the soul, I experience the silence the peace that is the original state of soul itself and in this awareness, I connect with the divine parampita parmatma shiv jyotir Swaroop nirakar(point of light) the one from who I am able to receive the light of peace ,the light of love, the light of knowledge.

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