Seminar on Bhagwad Gita at Kurukshetra University

Kurukshetra (Haryana): A seminar on the Bhagwad Gita (Sanskrit scripture) was held at the Senate Hall of Kurukshetra University. It was organized by the Philosophy Department’s Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Study Center. The main speaker on the occasion was BK Brij Mohan (Additional General Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris), along with BK Usha Didi (Coordinator of the political service wing of the Brahma Kumaris), Professor Deswal (Head of the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Study Center), Ms. Manjula Chaudhary, who was the chief guest, and BK Saroj.

BK Brij Mohan, in his remarks, said that Bharat is recognized and respected all over the world because of the Bhagwad Gita , which is revered by everyone. In its first chapter, it is written that our real identity is that of a soul. When people were soul conscious, Bharat was in the Golden age. Deviation from this nature led to the fall of this great nation. Now the time has come to once again put the teachings of the Gita into practice to usher in the Golden age.

BK Usha reflected on the depth and vastness of the Gita, which make it ever-new and relevant. In its second chapter, God teaches man that his real nature is Peace. To achieve that, it is essential to remember the Supreme Father always.

Chief Guest Ms. Manjula Chaudhary, Incharge Correspondence course syllabus,, shed light on the directions given in the Gita on food. It says that our minds and nature are directly affected by the food we eat. So for a pure mind, pure food is a must.

Prof. Deswal said that the Gita is called a pure book. He shed light on different aspects and types of the Gita. He talked in detail about the four parts of it.

BK Saroj, Head of the local Brahma Kumaris center, welcomed everyone and invited them to come and learn the Rajyoga referred to in the Gita. She said that the Brahma Kumaris is  also a spiritual university where Rajyoga meditation is taught.

At the end of the program BK Usha also conducted a commentary to give an experience of Rajyoga meditation.