“Art for Peaceful Empowered Life” – Art & Culture Wing E-Conference on January 23

Art & Culture Wing E-Conference
📗 Art for Peaceful Empowered Life
शांतिपूर्ण शक्तिशाली जीवन की कला 😇

🗓️ Saturday, 23rd January, 2021
🕰️ Evening 5:30 ~ 7:30 pm IST  (India time)

📲 YouTube Live

📲 Facebook Live

Here is a chance to get ourselves empowered again and learn the art for a PEACEFUL EMPOWERED LIFE.

Joining with us are eminent artists, successful in their respective fields,
who will motivate us to adopt a better life.

🗣️ Dr. Amol Kolhe
Member of Parliament, Famous Actor

🗣️ Harish Moyal
Famous playback singer, Top finalists of India IDOL-1

🗣️ Dr. Swati Daithankar
Famous Bharatnatyam Dancer

🗣️ BK Satish
HQ Coordinator, Art & Culture Wing

🗣️ BK Santosh didi
Director, Brahma Kumaris Maharashtra & Telangana Zone

🗣️ BK Prema didi
Director Karnal Subzone, Punjab Zonal coordinator, Art & Culture Wing

🗣️ BK Sunanda
Incharge, Jagdamba Bhawan Meditation & Retreat centre, Pune

🗣️ BK Vidya
Sub-zonal coordinator MS Zone Art & Culture Wing

🗣️ BK Milind
Director-Engineering, AAM India Manufacturing Corporation


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