Anti Covid-19 Services By Brahma Kumaris in Bangalore

Bangalore ( Karnataka ): Brahma Kumaris in ISRO Layout, Bangalore distrubuted pure cotton sterilized masks along with Godly message, for the protection of public in Business Sector.

In this anti covid-19 service, pure cotton sterilized Masks(2 layered) along with a Godly message was distributed in the area to shop owners, helpers, Roadside vendors, Police personnel on duty, Temple priests along with their family members . Around 500 masks were distributed.

It was shared that the ultimate protection for mind and body is possible only by understanding Godly knowledge and remembrance of the Almighty God Father Shiva.

Following all the safety measures, BK Megha along with BK Anand, BK Dhanlakshmi and BK Dharshan actively participated in the above Social Cum Godly Service.

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