Ambassador of Uganda High Commission Address IT Professionals at ORC

Gurugram ( Haryana ): The Northern India IT Wing of RERF organized a 2.5 day long residential Jwalamukhi Yog Bhatti(Volcanic Intense Yoga sessions) for the life members of the IT wing at the Om Shanti Retreat Centre(ORC). About 120 delegates from all parts of the country participated in this residential program.

It was an unique opportunity which brought together the bks from the IT profession together to focus on themselves, which is the need of the hour. The 2.5 days were packed with interactive classes, workshop, panel discussion and most importantly- jwalamukhi yog abhyas((Volcanic Intense Yoga practice), which helped the participants unlearn the reasons of stress –weakness- excuses and deepen their understanding of gyan(knowledge), yog and take back the practical experience to implement it in their spiritual efforts.

The program was formally inaugurated by H.E. Kezella Mohammed, Acting Ambassador, Uganda High Commission and Mr. B. Baker, Education Attache, Uganda High Commission who addressed the gathering.

Both of them emphasized how IT professionals are changing the face of the world, accessing the world on a click. They also stated that IT has its own pros and cons but if used for connecting people, rather than isolating them due to over- indulgence in gadgets, it is a boon for the world.

BK Rama, Delhi Zone IT Wing Coordinator set the context of the program and BK Sanjiv, Northern India IT Wing Coordinator shared the report of the services and projects done by the Wing.

Lighting of the Lamp was done by the esteemed guests, in the presence of Ms. Priya Kaushal, Special Envoy, Humanity Ambassador of World Humanity Commission, Florida USA, BK Yogesh P Singh, Under Secretary Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, BK Rama, BK Sanjiv, BK Nisha and BK Vidhatri.

BK Dr. Nirmala Didi, Chairperson of IT Wing, BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General, Brahma Kumaris, BK Asha , Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre, BK Laxmi, Lawrence Road, Delhi and BK Shivani, Motivational Speaker  provided deep insights on the theme and answered the queries of the participants.


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