About ‘Values for Life’ series – Watch talk on “Love”

Vancouver ( Canada ):  ‘Values for Life’ Series is a fortnightly happening series of talks with spiritual reflections on Values that we use in our every day lives, towards a deeper understanding of these Values and their practical use. 

These insightful reflection sessions are conducted on-line by invaluable Senior Raj Yogis of the Brahma Kumaris faculty. Decades of their spiritual practices and experiences impart clarity for the beneficial understanding and use of the Values, and these sessions are being very well received and appreciated by viewers from all over the world.

This Series started with the inaugural Episode # 1, on the value of ‘Contentment’ with Senior Raj Yogi BK Sister Mohini from New York and BK Sheilu from Mount Abu, India. It was webcast on Diwali day, 15th November 2020, and after which the series is continuing with subsequent episodes, once in a fortnight (every two weeks).

This program is webcast on Zoom with translation available in Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi languages. Simultaneously it runs on YouTube Live in English and Hindi languages.

The Episode 7 webcast on 14th February on ‘A Spiritual Insight on LOVE’ with senior BK Ken O’Donnell from Brazil had explicit and an essenceful explanation of true love. It was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the viewers, who had joined from every part of the world.

More than 250 on Zoom attended from America, Canada, Europe, and India. The episodes were watched live on YouTube as well, and are available to viewers to watch on the following YouTube links;

In English:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ks94gPfW28&feature=youtu.be

In Hindi:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vongXNzpi5A&feature=youtu.be

Overall, 7 Episodes were webcast on-line with esteemed senior Raj Yogi speakers, BK Mohini, BK Shielu, BK Usha, BK Sudesh, BK Meera, and BK Ken O’Donnell. Seven Values were covered in these episodes, ‘Contentment’, ‘Renunciation / Sacrifice’, ‘Acceptance’, ‘Accuracy’, ‘Introversion’, ‘Concentration’ and ‘love’. These episodes are available in the following YouTube playlist;

In English:   https://omshanti.tk/playlist/english

In Hindi:   https://omshanti.tk/playlist/hindi

This meaningful spiritual insightful talk series on Values, once in a fortnightly basis (every two weeks), will cover all the values in detail.

Information about the upcoming sessions and past episode videos of ‘Values for Life’ series are available on the VIHASA India website, www.vihasa.in

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