A Tribute for Victims of Road Traffic by Brahma Kumaris Dhamtari

Dhamtari ( Chhattisgarh ): A tribute meeting was held by Brahma Kumaris Dhamtari to mark World Day of Remembrance for victims of road traffic.  BK Sarita; Dr. Sarita Joshi, Head of Sarthak Organization; Usha Gupta, Head of Ladies Club of Dhamtari; Shatrughan Pandey, Sub Inspector of Police, and Engineer Yashwant Sahu were present on the stage at this program.

BK Sarita, while explaining the objective of this program said that we wish to pay tributes to the victims of road accidents and offer condolences to their families.  We will also discuss various methods to prevent accidents, and the role spirituality can have in this. A candle light tribute was offered to victims of road accidents.

The special guests also paid their tributes through speeches.  BK Navnita held a tribute session with Rajayoga Meditation.  BK Kamini Kaushik coordinated the program.

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