“A Spiritual Vaccine” : UN Social Development Conference Side Event on February 11

With Covid-19’s second mutation—Omicron—upon us, we must focus on leaving behind this catastrophe. Let’s talk about what it is that gives us hope amidst adversity. Where do we go for support and care? How can we contribute to humanity’s recovery from Covid-19 with dignity?

Alongside medical care that treats and cures the body, we must bolster our inner immunity—that of the spirit. We need a “spiritual vaccine” that builds our immunity from the inside. Let’s talk about what that means. By shifting our awareness from the physical to the spiritual, by reawakening our innate wisdom and empowering hidden resources, we can see with love and serve from the heart. We can heal the spirit and the world.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and our partners—Global Hospital and Research Center and Created for Greatness Leadership Group—will share stories that have reignited spirituality and restored humankind’s well-being and dignity.

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Speakers :

Dr. Binod Man, Shrestha, Former Chief of Specialist Secretary Ministry of Health & Population, Government. of Nepal
Dr. Coralanne, Griffith-Hunte, Founder and Chairwoman, Created for Greatness Leadership Group, Inc. USA
Dr. Pratap, Midha, General Manager, Global Hospital and Research Center of the Brahma Kumaris in India
Ms. Varshnie, Singh, A.A., Founder and Secretary, Kids First Fund Inc. Guyana

The Event will also be live streamed on BKUN Facebook and BKUN YouTube channel

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