“A Pledge to Conserve Nature” – A Webinar on 26th July World Nature Conservation Day


Bhinmal ( Rajasthan ) : An Online webinar was organized by Brahma Kumaris Bhinmal on 26th July ‘World Nature Conservation Day.’

As the keynote speaker, BK Mohan Singhal, Chairperson of the Scientific and Engineer Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, explained the subject in great detail. Talking about improving the external nature from the internal nature, he said that nature gives life, but today the level of pollution is increasing everywhere in the air, in water, and, in the name of development, forests have been cut. Raja Yoga gives power for the Conservation of Nature and The Scientist and Engineer Wing is constantly working in conservation of the elements of nature through exhibitions, expeditions, seminars, voluntary campaigns, and training.

The Director of the webinar, Rajyoga teacher BK Geeta, said that the objective was to take a pledge to conserve nature. Thanking nature, she further taught Raja Yoga and the method of spreading positive vibrations.

This webinar was live on zoom and you tube:


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