52nd Remembrance Day of Founding Father of Brahma Kumaris Observed as World Peace Day

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): The International Head Quarters of the Brahma Kumaris at Pandav Bhawan, Mount Abu, was tastefully decorated with flowers on the 18th of January to honor Brahma Baba, Founder of the Brahma Kumaris, on his Day of Ascension to the angelic stage. The occasion was the 52nd Remembrance day of Prajapita Brahma (Father of the Humanity) which is observed as World Peace Day all over the world by the Brahma Kumaris. It was on 18th January, 1969, that Prajapita Brahma, lovingly called “Brahma Baba,” left his mortal body.

At Pandav Bhawan in Mount Abu, the program started at 3 am with meditation. The Pandav Bhawan campus, decorated for the occasion by flower artists, was very creative and attractive. Special meditation sessions and classes sharing the life story and specialities of Brahma Baba were organized throughout the day at all three campuses: Pandav Bhawan, Gyansarovar and Shantivan. Brahma Kumars and Kumaris from all over the world joined live online meditations held throughout the day at the four pilgrimage places (Baba’s Room, Baba’s Hut, the Tower of Peace and History  Hall). This is the first time since 1969 that a swarm of devotees have not thronged Madhuban, Mount Abu, on this day, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the morning session held at Om Shanti Bhawan, Dadi Ratanmohini said that everyone should pay full attention to their Spiritual study.  Only then can they answer the questions and doubts of others satisfactorily.  If we remember the Divine,  we can remain happy wherever we are. We must value the words and teachings of the Supreme Soul as food for our soul.

Ishu Dadi shared her experiences with great enthusiasm, that once Brahma Baba gave her a wrist watch, and asked her to always keep it with her, as he could ask her the time. She was so happy and has kept that watch with her to this day. She also learned to write the Murli, the Daily Godly Message,  in shorthand,  very fast.

BK Brij Mohan shared his experience with Brahma Baba, and the miracles of his Spiritual might.

Special tribute was paid to Brahma Baba in Pandav Bhawan at  the Tower of Peace, where people gathered in complete silence including Dadis and Senior Rajayogis from all over India. Everyone visited the four pilgrimage places –Baba’s Room, Baba’s Hut,  History Hall and the Tower of Peace — in the loving remembrance of Brahma Baba and the atmosphere was filled with fragrance of peace and tranquility.

In the evening the main event, for which everyone was waiting for, took place in the Diamond Hall, Shantivan. All the Senior Rajayogis including Dadi Ratanmohini ( Joint Head ), BK Nirwair ( General Secretary ), BK Brij Mohan ( Additional General Secretary ), BK Munni ( Programs Manager), BK Mruthyunjyaya ( Executive Secretary ), BK Dr. Nirmala ( Gyansarovar ), and BK Shashi ( Pandav Bhawan ) were present on the stage.

A video message of God’s version urged everyone to become an embodiment of remembrance and a destroyer of attachment and maintain the timetable of mind in order to become equal to the Father.

Dadi Ratanmohini and BK Nirwair gave blessings to the huge gathering and everyone joined together to send out vibrations of peace and harmony to the world at large.

About Brahma Baba:

Brahma Baba, born into a humble home as Lekhraj Kripalani in the 1880s, was the son of a village schoolmaster. Lekhraj was brought up within the disciplines of the Hindu tradition. After different jobs, he entered the jewellery business, later earning a considerable fortune as a diamond trader. He was the father of five children and a leader within his local community, known especially for his philanthropy. In 1936, around the time when most people at his age start to plan their retirement, he actually entered into the most active and fascinating phase of his life. After a series of deep spiritual experiences and visions, he felt an extremely strong pull to give up his business and dedicate his time, energy and wealth to laying the foundations of what later would become the “Brahma Kumaris.” Between 1937 and 1938, he formed a Managing Committee of eight young women and surrendered all his property and assets to a Trust administered by them.

Like an angel, Brahma Baba inspired and guided many people in realizing their inner beauty and connecting with the Supreme Soul. With complete and undivided faith in God, his personality was very royal, full of mercy, love and compassion for one and all, and he renounced everything he had for the goodness of humanity.  He had excellent administration skills, great leadership qualities, and his egolessness and humility in serving the world are well remembered.

After guiding the creation of many Brahma Kumaris centres throughout India, he reached his stage of perfection on 18th January 1969. The Tower of Peace on the Pandav Bhawan campus is a tribute to the invincible spirit of this ordinary human being who achieved greatness by rising to the challenge of the deeper truths of life.

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