15th Ascension Anniversary of Rajayogini Dadi Prakashmani

Shanti Shakti Bhawan observes the Ascension Anniversary of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani as World Brotherhood Day.
Aska ( Odisha ): The local centre of Brahma Kumaris, Shanti Shakti Bhawan, observed the 15th ascension anniversary of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani, former chief of Brahma Kumaris as ”World Brotherhood Day.”  On this occasion, meditation sessions for world peace continued since early morning at Shanti Shakti Bhawan complex in which about four hundred spiritual students of Shanti Shakti Bhawan participated. Later in the afternoon a spiritual get-together was organised.
The principal of Mac Michel Sanskrit College Ashwini Das joined this program to pay homage to Dadi Prakashmani. Addressing the session, chief speaker of the program, Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Pravati, center In-charge of Shanti Shakti Bhawan, spoke about the spiritual journey of Dadi Prakashmani who represented the world Religion Conference at Japan in 1954 and how Dadi Prakashmani by her spiritual charisma won the hearts of billions of people around the globe. Being the messenger of peace, Dadi Prakashmani spread imperishable universal love, peace, and harmony across the world. By means of her tireless efforts, the United Nations acclaimed the spiritual services provided by Brahma Kumaris and provided this spiritual University as the only NGO status of its own. Since then this spiritual University has received peace messenger award six times by the United Nations.
Rajyogini Pravati also mentioned that the credit for the global presence of this  goes to Dadi Prakashmani who became the medium to spread God Father Shiva’s message of universal brotherhood across the length and breadth of the globe as a result of which today there are more than eight thousand BK centres spread over 140 countries in the world.
Appreciating various programs of Brahma Kumaris, the Chief guest Aswini Das principal of Mac Michel Sanskrit College, Aska, shared without inhibition this is the only organisation which can change man by recharging and reviving the innate qualities of the soul. At the end of the program everyone paid floral tribute to Dadi Prakashmani.

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