Message of Hope – Pollution in the Mind Creates Pollution in Nature

The human race has become separated and increasingly out of step with the natural world.  Earth and her capacity to sustain life is being destroyed.  Fortunes of billionaires grow, even as we increase the numbers of homeless and refugees.

“Our global systems of  externalization,  extraction and pollution are leading to ‘ecological apartheid’. They are destabilizing the self-sustaining metabolic systems of Mother earth.”- Vandana Shiva.

Why do we find it hard to be at peace with ourselves, others and nature?  Imagine a lake, calm, pure and so clear you can see the bottom.  All is still and peaceful at its depth. Then the first polluting chemicals of the new factory and farm come rolling down the hill and into the water.  It starts to cloud over and bubble as chemical reactions are taking place; pollution, impurity begins. When purity is lost peace is lost.  It is the same with human consciousness.  We now realize the minds of human beings become polluted first…. and nature follows our lead!   What is the meaning of this bold statement??  

To be at peace is our original inner state, but only when the consciousness of the soul is unpolluted – pure, clean and true.  When the connection with God breaks, we gradually forget our eternal identity as souls and mistakenly think we are only bodies. This power of body consciousness creates the first polluting ‘chemicals’ of waste and negative thoughts.  The purity of our original virtues is overtaken by lust, violence, and greed.  Sad memories and desires ‘roll in’ and take root in our minds. Our inner light becomes ‘cloudy’ and fades.  The power of the soul diminishes as the ‘chemical reactions’ of peaceless and fearful thoughts ‘bubble’ and become increasingly abundant. Carelessness, corruption and many desires begin suffocating and trashing our beautiful planet with pollution, fires, plastic, oil slicks and all manner of rubbish. So many majestic and ancient Sequoia trees and over 60,000 of our loved, cuddly koala bears died in recent forest fires!

The problem increases each year and places us all at risk, rich and poor alike. We have entered the third year of what science calls humanity’s decisive decade. Unless we navigate a global change of course before 2030, we risk such severe, irreversible damage to Earth’s regenerative systems that our species is unlikely to survive.

We now realize how the power of our thoughts impacts us every moment and creates our world.  Thoughts create our feelings and reach the person we are thinking about. The quality of thoughts affect our health, every cell of our body, the environment and the atmosphere. I now focus on creating optimistic and kind thoughts and stop fretting about things beyond my control. Visualize what humanity could accomplish when our minds and hearts are clean and unpolluted.  By sharing brotherly love and respect for each other and nature, the air, water and elements would once again become free from pollution.  Keep on imagining because ‘When we change, the world changes!’

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