Mahashivratri Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Mohali

Mohali (Punjab): The Brahma Kumaris of Sukh Shanti Bhawan in Phase 7 of Mohali held a grand Mahashivratri program at the park in Phase 1. Held under the ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Se Swarnim Bharat ki Ore’ Project,  people were inspired to reestablish once again the ancient value-based culture of India at this program.  Many people benefitted from this program.

BK Premlata, In-charge of Brahma Kumaris in Ropar Mohali region, said that the Supreme Soul is ever-constant and does not change name and form with each birth. In ancient Bharat, a human being had Divine qualities.  The Supreme Soul, whose birthday is celebrated as Mahashivratri,  has exhorted each person to once again become Divine through Rajyoga.  We must pledge today to shed our negative tendencies and make Bharat Golden again.

BK Dr. Rama, Joint In-charge of Brahma Kumaris in the Ropar Mohali region, in her address as Chief Speaker, said that in the age of Google, it is very easy to learn about everything, except the real nature of a human being and its relationship with the Supreme Soul.  Due to gross materialism, the nature of a human being is not harmonious.  By connecting with the Supreme Soul,  our mind and tendencies become purified.

Another program for Mahashivratri was held by Brahma Kumaris in Phase 2. Speaking there, BK Dr. Rama said that on this festival we should pledge to make our mind our best friend by filling it with positive thoughts.

BK Meena, while sharing her views said that when death approaches, a human being has to relinquish all possessions. Only good deeds and positive tendencies are carry forward.  In the awareness of this auspicious significance of Mahashivratri, we should try to do good deeds always.

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