“Light House Center of Brahma Kumaris spreads peace and happiness” : Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar

Patna ( Bihar ):  The inauguration ceremony of the first anniversary of the Light House Service Center was celebrated with great joy and gaiety.

Women Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Renu Devi and Brahma Kumaris Patna Kankarbagh center Incharge BK Sangeeta and many dignitaries of Patna participated on this occasion.

On this occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi, while giving her best wishes, said that today I am feeling very happy and proud that the light house service center of Brahma Kumaris, which uplifts the thinking, attitude, character and life of the whole humanity, has been inaugurated today. I have got the opportunity to participate in the first annual festival. This light house spreads the light of knowledge, the energy of purity and happiness and peace. Through the service center, the entire city of Patna is working to spread the light of knowledge in the whole of Bihar. I have already had a connection with Brahma Kumaris . Coming to this institution, I feel very happy, peace, purity and brotherhood. By coming close to this institution, in the past of our culture, India has been an object of reverence and respect for the whole world as a spiritual light house and Vishwa Guru. This organization is providing selfless service of spiritual knowledge, Easy Raj Yoga and character building all over the world, which is a commendable step for humanity.

Brahma Kumari Sangeeta Didi gave her lecture on the topic of establishing the Golden Age through spirituality. Didi ji to establish the golden age is possible only by the upliftment of moral values ​​in human beings through spiritual knowledge and Sahaj Raja Yoga. Today human beings have made their developed life unhappy and disturbed by their narrow thoughts. Through this light house service center, 20 divisions of Brahma Kumaris are providing many services. Many distinguished people of the city have achieved success in making their life better by taking spiritual knowledge and education of Sahaj Raja Yoga from this institution. Didi ji also made people feel at peace by getting them practiced in Sahaj states through this institution.

BK Sneha informed the gathering through video and audio about the service of human welfare done in one year by Light House Service Center.
While giving a brief introduction of Brahma Kumaris, BK Ramesh also gave information about the many programs being run by this institution.
Dr Pramod proposed the vote of thanks. The successful co-ordination of this program was done by BK Jyotsna.

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