Kumbh: Boosting Growers Spiritually

BK Sarla addresses the Farmers’ Fair at the Kumbh
 Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh): Yogic farming, an ancient Indian farming concept and tradition, researched and evolved by the Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu, was deliberated upon at a seminar during a farmers’ Mela.
BK Geeta from Rajasthan presided over the seminar, ‘Perennial Yogic Farming‘, which was organised jointly by the Kumbh Mela administration in association with the Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department on the second day of the five-day Farmers’ Fair-2019.
BK Sarala, Chairperson of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research and Foundation, emphasised the need for strengthening the farming sector by empowering cultivators through spirituality. A change in the attitude of humanity towards farmers would resolve the problems faced by them owing to vagaries of nature.
She also lauded the role of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of the Bramha Kumaris.
Prayagraj Agriculture Deputy Director Vinod Kumar detailed government efforts to provide digital support to farmers and sops to procure generic seeds for farming.

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