“Healing the Habit of Taking Sorrow”: Live Event on September 10

Healing the Habit of Taking Sorrowwith BK Charlie Hogg on
10th September 2020 @ 10 am ( East Australia Time )
We are affected daily by our body, people, possessions, vibrations, the atmosphere, circumstances and the elements of nature.
How can we maintain our balance?
You may send questions before or during the session, and Charlie will answer them.

Here is the link to join the live event at 10 am AEST  (eastern Australia time).

Charlie Hogg is the Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres In Australia. Charlie Hogg has practised meditation for the past 45 years. From his own experience he believes meditation is an extraordinary tool to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual health in a world increasingly challenged by anxiety, stress and depression.

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