Greetings for Dussehra from BK Nirwair

This is a special message to extend hearty greetings to all of you on the auspicious memorial day of the Death of Raavan, ‘Raavan-Dehan’ (Dussehra).

May the victory of righteous thoughts and righteous actions prevail upon all shortcomings, including the onslaught of the pandemic COVID-19!!  Let’s continue to send vibrations that the challenging atmosphere created by the virus gets cleared soon, so that everyone can return to enjoying the freedom of unrestricted breathing, playing and working.

Youth and Children seem to be particularly facing set-backs at this time, and we hope they can resume their overall development at universities and schools at the earliest.

May BK sisters and brothers of the global divine family continue to cherish ever-healthy, ever-joyous moments of the remaining Diamond Age, as beloved Avyakt BapDada had shared in today’s Murli of 25 October!!

Thanks and with Godly love and remembrances,

BK Nirwair,  General Secretary of Brahma Kumaris,

Mount Abu


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