‘Good Bye Stress’ Program by Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Anandpuri Colony in Hathras held a program called ‘Goodbye Stress‘. Prof. E. V. Girish, noted Memory Trainer and Stress Management Expert, was the Chief Speaker.

Prof. E. V. Girish, while speaking on this occasion, said that there is only one best way to keep life Stress Free: by learning to laughRegardless of the treatment others give you, the ability to respond is always yours.  Man has always strived to live an easy life. The key to happiness should be in our hands. But sadly we have given it to others.  Their behavior controls our happiness.

Sharing eight reasons for stress, Prof. Girish advised people to accept their current realities in life, and respond happily.

Rakesh Sharma, Former District Judge, welcomed Prof. Girish. Baby Nancy gave a beautiful dance performance.  A vote of thanks was given by BK Shanta, In-charge of Brahma Kumaris in the area. Many distinguished citizens of the area attended this program, along with members of the local Brahma Kumaris fraternity. BK Dinesh coordinated this program.

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