Free Self Development Online Series: “Become the Master of your Life!” starts July 8

Cupertino, California ( USA ): This is an invite for a free online self development series, “Become the Master of your Life”. Most of us would agree that we create our own destiny, yet there are times when we feel handicapped that somebody else has the command over our destiny. A feeling of being a victim arises when we think that the reins of our life are in somebody else’s hand. That somebody else could be a person, circumstance, fortune, universe, planet, or God. The blame game starts, and life feels miserable and unfair.

In this series, we will deeply understand the reasons for losing control over life, factors that inhibit and facilitate control over life, and steps to regain control back. We will also use real life examples below to practice the learning of gaining control back over life.

  1. Tough relationship where someone is constantly bossing us around or treating us poorly
  2. Bad health controlling our ability to pursue hobbies and passions
  3. Inner weakness (weak personality traits or habits) have taken over and are preventing me from doing well in life

Date and Timing: A series of four classes starts on Jul 8th (Wed) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, and the next three classes will be on Jul 15, 22, and 29th at the same time.

Registration: Please send email to for virtually joining this series.

My Personal Experience: Little did I know that I had lost the reins of my life to many things (bad habits, people, situations, etc) and was living an average or below average life. Its not like my life was miserable, overall I was happy and had everything in life. Yet, many times I felt that life was unfair, or I did not have the free will to do everything I wanted. The gems of knowledge disclosed to me at Brahma Kumaris are steadily freeing me from my own cage. My confidence is growing because it is getting enough oxygen of freedom to choose and live life like I want. I was my best friend sometimes and my worst enemy many times.

Source of the teachings and Raja Yoga Meditation technique: Brahma Kumaris, a non-profit organization.

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