Peace Day Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris in Mauritius

Mauritius: As the country was Covid-19 free since the month of June, the Brahma Kumaris of Mauritius was able to celebrate the International Day of Peace through numerous events. The numerous peace events held throughout the island by the Brahma Kumaris branches observed strict sanitary rules and barrier gestures. It should also be noted that the country had and is still suffering from an ecological disaster due to oil spillage in its lagoon and that this tragedy raised a lot of concern for the protection of eco resources. Further, more online events were used to spread the message of peace as some venues were restricted in terms of attendance and people are much more used to such technology. The following report gives you an overview of the activities held in the month of September 2020.

Peace Pilgrimage in the village of Mahebourg
A Pilgrimage for PEACE was organized by the Brahma Kumaris and King Savers Company in Mahebourg on 27th September starting from King Savers at Bo Vallon New Mall to Waterfront of Mahebourg, stopping at each and every temple, church and mosque for a short prayer and meditation for Peace in the community. As the nearby beaches and lagoons were mostly affected by the oil spillage, a meditation session for the environment was held, followed by volunteers helping to clean the lagoon.

Interfaith Dialogue
A Drama depicting Angels showering Peace on earth and Sister Neeru performed the candle-lighting ceremony along with some faith representatives and Bro Jay Bhunjun.  On 21st September there was an interfaith dialogue and prayer for world peace with the participation of different communities that made the bouquet and harmony of the rainbow island. Mr. S. Bhunsee, President of the Flacq District Council, graced the function. After the dialogue some students gave practical examples of how we can live a peaceful life through dance, song, sketch and meditation.

Artistic Expression on Peace
The Brahma Kumaris of Rose Belle organised a Peace Wall painting opposite the new Plaisance Mall in Rose Belle to sensitize the people of the region on the role of community values to create Peace in society.

Exhibitions and Seminar on Peace
A Peace Awareness program at the Academy for Integrated and Sustainable Development, Wooton, involved families and members of the Mauritius Police force.

Open Day at Inner Space Meditation Centre of Port Louis
There was an Opening of a two-day exhibition at Multipurpose Hall at Central Flacq by Honorable Sudheer Maudhoo, Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping; Honorable Deepak Balgobin, Minister of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, and Honorable Sanjit Kumar Nuckcheddy, MP.

Exhibition on Peace at Peite Julie Social Welfare Centre by Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House : The use of the innovative Happiness Meter apparatus amazed the audience. Children from nearby primary school also participated in the programme where they learned about virtues and their daily importance.

Youth and Peace
The youth were also sensitised about their role in bringing and shaping peace together. Their creativity and enthusiasm led them to beautiful artworks and showcases.

Mr Ricardo Rose, Representative of the Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House, participated in the culmination of mural paintings* by students of SSS Terre Rouge during Peace Day Celebrations.

An Interactive session on values was held with students at Sookdeo Bissondoyal Government School by Bro Vishnu.

Youth and Children participated in Peace Expression activities in Wooton.

Online Event
Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House hosted an online event* “Making Each Home a Haven of Peace” from 16 to 21 September 2020. An initiative whose main focus was on experiencing peace as our original nature and spreading the vibrations of peace into the Nature of 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space). Participants were invited to light a candle and meditate from 6 to 7 pm. The One-hour synchronised meditation included meditation commentaries and reflections on the qualities within the human soul matching the natural qualities in each element with the vision of restoring the beauty to Mother Nature. An average of 500 participants followed on line. The program culminated on Sunday 27th September with a finale including testimonials, brief meditation sessions on healing ourselves to heal the planet, interspersed by songs, silent moments and reflections on universal quotes on peace. (*YouTube channel ‘Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House’)

Other Activities

  • Sister Neeroo Offering a gift to Father Piat at St Ursule Church.
  • Being a Peaceful Being’ experimentaion at Riche Mare Mandirum.

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