Brahma Kumaris Bardol Hold Discussion Forum with Religious Heads

Bijapur ( Karnataka ): The Bardol branch of the Brahma Kumaris in Bijapur organized a discussion forum where heads of various religious platforms were invited to share their views.The aim of this initiative was to put forth the various contemporary viewpoints and paths leading to the Supreme Soul.

The program saw the presence of Shri Jagadguru Myneshwar mahaswamiji from Bardol, Ekadandagimat Shri Shahapurmat, Dr. Swaroopananda mahaswamiji and Sidharood Math Indi Shri Padathaya mahaswamiji.

On this occasion, the sister in-charge of the local Brahma Kumaris center gave the message of the Supreme Soul for this age. She said that God has planned this time for people to raise their consciousness by connecting with Him through Rajayoga meditation. This will lead to a Golden Age of happiness and prosperity.