Being a Better Me

In today’s world of fear, anxieties and uncertainities, it becomes very easy for me to get caught up in what is happening outside, and so its very important for me to check and see if am I in a place where I am stable and am able to take care of myself and others peacefully .  Or am I just stuck in my own problems and situations, that I don’t have time to reflect on myself.

We all get busy in our daily routines, taking care of the family, children, household chores, work, office, buy groceries, cook, clean, move the lawn, go to gym, shopping and so caught up in doing, doing and doing…and don’t give priority to Being.

So one is Being and the second is Doing. The world is demanding us to take care of ourselves mentally and physically, and only then we will be able to protect ourselves and help others.

So we need to be strong, resilient, powerful and be a better person so that I am leading my life fully, happily and being productive.

So what doest it mean by Being ?  One is human being and other is human doing. Human is body and Being is the soul. We are all experts in taking care of the body, but how much priority am I giving in taking care of the soul ? In today’s world scenario, soul care has to be on the priority list.

So that we are not effected by what’s happening outside.

There are two , One is outside-in approach and second is inside-out approach.

The way we live is outside-in lifestyle. Whatever is happening outside is effecting me inside. In spirituality it is an inside-out approach

3 main types of people:

1) Majority of people are in the mode of surviving.

Survive is clock, tree will do. Surviving is we are

2) We exist -daily challenges, experiences of life, some times success, fail, wonderful happens, difficult times.

In exist mode, we are as per the results of what is happening. we hv no sense of control over my emotions.

roller coaster of emotions due to lack of self control.

3) Those who really live. What does mean to really live. what it means to live. Go through daily routine, exp. of life.

some times you are ignored, sometime you are the center of attention.

The way I live is in my hands. I choose how I wish to feel. My thoughts and feelings are my own creation. Time is now asking us to take on board.

******************  We can’t control what life is bringing to me, but I can control how I chose to receive it. ******************************

We can’t control what comes infront of me, but I can control how I choose look at it.


As ourselves, what is time telling me, what is life telling me.

oxygen , water are needed, soul to remain peace, strong is v imp.

Quality of life depends on quality of mind. mind is the interface between you and world. how much attention do you pay to it.

when you buy new machine, computer, you receive a user manual, that tells you how to use it and look after, take care of it properly.

Where is the user manual for the mind. what kind of thoughts are healthy for me.what thoughts shd come later.

how to wake up in the morning. what to think thru out the day, how many thoughts are enough to think about a particular situation.

how to put the mind to sleep in the night.

In 24/7 lifestyle, we forgot to take care of mind, and do practices to make mind stronger and be a better person.

  1. Stay Positive – when you are positive, you are happy.

Ex: Donkey, Farmer, Son

2.  Practice Forgiveness – yourself and others.

Story of nails in the fence.  Harmony in relationships.

Understand the law of pure love. We can take care of others, support others, help others, can be close to others, inspire others, but we cant posses others. If I am trying to possess, I am breaking the law and then I lose happiness and peace and I feel insecurity, unsafe.

Let me begin to relate to others as spiritual beings. when you see other person, what is the first thing I see, is it the age, is it the gender,is it the family or profession, or do I see the other as spiritual being or soul.

Try to visualize star, a soul energy in the forehead, here is the other soul, fellow soul. with spiritual connection, I can generate genuine love and respect for others and our relationship becomes stable. Everyone wants genuine love and respect.

  1. Develop Attitude of Gratitude, Say Thank you
  2. Compliment / Bless yourself and others ( Instead of blaming build a habit of appreciating ) Praise people around you. Look at their goodness.
  3. Become an example to others, as others follow me , rather than comparision and competition and criticism.
  4. Acts of Goodness – Smile at others, greet others, be kind and help others. Think good, be good, do good. Listening, caring, being polite, respectful, compassionate, Bringing groceries for your spouse, helping your co-worker, buy lunch for your friend or take them for a meal, send a card or gift for bday,  seating an elderly person in a subway, make a donation for someone in need.

*******  In simple terms, some people say it at the end of the day, your karma will protect you. no need to overthink.

continue to pay more attention to virtue and purity of my intention, behind my every action and these are the things that really matter.

Personal story, couple of years ago, I was in meditation gathering, one guy in the class passed away right there and then, I was one of the person close to him , I saw paramedics working on him trying to save him.

What came in subconscious, one day my time will come to leave this particular body, what will I ask myself how much love did I share, how much happiness did I give, how many smiles did I bring, how many spirits did I uplift and I think these are the things that really matter at the end of the day. That’s the criteria I would use to measure a meaningful, successful life as it were.

I think that, if we pay more attention to this in our daily relationships, and not only am I helping others, but it is making me spiritually strong, its going to help remove fears and anxieties, so its not enough to stop waste thoughts, waste words, in addition, how much happiness can I generate to others, how much positivity do I have in my behaviour and how much love can I share with whoever it is around me, that kind

of karma, which we call as sukarma or positive karma also helps to make the soul strong and when the soul is strong, I can be the best person in the world.

  1. Learn/do something new – improve your skills, do things you love, write your goals, work towards them, review your goals. Improve inner strength and inner potential. Being stable at all times, especially difficult times.

By understanding that I made a mistake, I was able to use my mistakes to learn which in turn helped me become a better person


  1. Self-Care Walk and Exericise – Healthy Body and Healthy Mind – Meditation.
  2. Improve your Spiritual IQ  – Regular study and daily meditation.

********** To move from current limited beliefs to unlimited awareness, I need spiritual knowledge.It is fuel to stay in unlimited.

The more you are in the feelings of unlimited, the more safe and secure you feel and more helpful you are to others who are around you.

This is why it is important to study spiritual wisdom everyday. we start day with meditation and spend some time in reading uplifting spiritual wisdom.First thing during the day will give me energy. Then we can stay Stable throughout the day when challenges come.

  1. World Server – Serving thru pure thoughts. By becoming givers. Ex: Tree   This world is conditional, if you give me love, I will give you, if you don’t I will not.

In spiritual awareness, we are beyong limited thinking and are in the unlimited.

Share 10 positive affirmations.

What are the Benefits of Being a Better Me?

By attempting to be a better you, you will be happier, more productive, and fulfill more dreams than if you chose to be stagnant. You will start to see new opportunities that once were never a reality nor a possibility. You will meet new and exciting people that may give more meaning to your life. These benefits just touch the surface of the positive impact of attempting to be a better you can have.

Being a better me, will lead us to a better world.

Let’s Welcome the World of PEACE
P – Positive
E – Efforts  ( for Healthy Mind and Healthy Body )  or Energy
A- Attitude to
C – Co-operate with
E – Everyone and the Earth


Happiness in feelings, Health for the body, Harmony in relationships and Heaven on earth

Dadi Janki  Slogan-  Honesty, Cleanliness, Simplicity.

A study was conducted on the brain waves of Dadi Janki by Texas university and her state of mind was calm or in meditative state even while solving math questions, cooking, sleeping and daily chores. which left the examiners surprised.

In 1978, Scientists at the Medical and Science, Research Institute at the University of Texas, USA examined the brain wave pattern of Dadi Janki. She was described as the most stable mind in the world as her mental state remained completely undisturbed even while performing complicated mental exercises. The EEG(Electroencephalogram) of Dadi Janki continuously showed Delta waves, while she was cooking, while eating, while giving lecture, while doing arithmetical calculations, while talking, while sleeping, all the time!.

(Delta brainwaves are slow, loud brainwaves- low frequency and deep penetrating, like a drum beat. They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state.)

Sharing tips for calm mind, she said, We waste lot of time criticizing others, instead of focusing on ourselves’.

Do not worry for something which is not worthy of worrying

Exercise:  This your chair, your post, position, facilities, money , people, property, comforts everything you have acquired in your life. Feel this what I am, what I have. koyi post chodna nahi chahta hai. We love our money, position, people, vo merey hi bankar rahengay. You dont want to lose it. Without losing your grip.

we hold tight, it becomes difficult to move forward. Things are easy to work with when you are detached.

Detachment means seeing things from a distance. To separate ourselves and then see things.  Aeroplane View.

-Set 1-:

  1. Consider every scene in the drama as an exam. I have to pass the exam with honors.
  2. Consider every scene in the drama as a toy. Play with it and learn from it.
  3. Consider any scene/situation that comes as a paper tiger which looks scary but it is actually not.
  4. Consider situation/scene as a cartoon show.

-Set 2-:

  1. Consider situation/scene as a mountain and you angels just fly over it. Don’t try to break the mountain i.e by questions like why has this come, why me. Just fly above it.
  2. Consider situation/scene as a side scene. Don’t get attracted towards it.
  3. Consider situation/scene as a stepping stone which has come to teach you something. Just learn from it.
  4. Consider situation as a scene in the drama which is beneficial. Even if outwardly looks like there is no benefit but still there is a hidden benefit in any situation that comes.

-Set 3-:

  1. Any situation/scene that comes in front of me is the result of my karma. It is a karmic account which is getting settled.
  2. Situation is a gift. Consider it a gift and it will become a gift.
  3. Situation is a measuring tool which has come to see how strong I have become in gyan and yog. It has come to test my ability to remain stable and implement knowledge.
  4. Situation is like a fire. It has come to burn away any mistakes/flaws that are inside me.

-Set 4-:

  1. Paristhiti (Situation) has come to make me into a pari (angel).
  2. Consider situation has a hammer in one hand and a filter in another. Whatever is falling was waste, I didn’t need it.
  3. Situation is a challenge. If I accept the challenge then I will become more powerful than the situation.
  4. Eat the situation considering it like a samosa which means tolerate it. Digest the situation.


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