Ambassador of India to Guatemala Opens the IYD Event of BK Centers in Central América

Central America : Celebration of the International Day of Yoga: The Brahma Kumaris Centers in Central América get together in a special meditation for peace.

The purpose was to unite minds in creating a wave of real love, positive energy and peace for all the world. Connecting with the Supreme Source of Love, and with that love in our hearts, we offer solutions from love and not from fear.

Artists and Raja Yoga teachers participated: Balby León from El Salvador, Anne Bonin from Guatemala, Delia Girón from Honduras; Marcia Avilés, Ligia Casco y Sandra Castro from Nicaragua; and Marcela Chavarría, Marianne Lizana, Johan Solano, Marianela Jiménez, and Claudia Lizana from Costa Rica.

The event was opened by Bawa Syed Mubarak, Ambassador of India to Guatemala.

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