Holistic Interface with Spiritual Gathering

Twenty Thousand Brahma Kumaris from the world gather at Diamond Hall

Abu Road (Rajasthan): A sea of humanity awaited this glorious day — Avyakt Milan — to experience divinity at the Diamond Hall in Shantivan.

At least 20,000 Brahma Kumaris, in their angelic white attire, from Eastern zone including Nepal, West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, celebrated an interactive spiritual session with the Divine. Groups of BKs from West Asia, China, the USA, the United Kingdom and other nations joined the holy gathering.

The Brahma Kumaris experienced with bated breath the presence of the Supreme Soul through His angel Brahma Baba in subtle form.

Chief of the Brahma Kumaris Dadi Janki, Joint Chief of the Brahma Kumaris Dadi Ratanmohini, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris BK Nirwair, Program Manager BK Munni and other senior Rajayogis were seated on the dais sharing with everyone powerful vibrations of peace and love.

Earlier, Senior RajaYogi BK Suraj conducted a meditation session preparatory to the Divine Union, calling upon the participants to open up spiritually. He said every powerful thought we generate through meditation creates energy which strengthens the human aura.

Dadi Janki showered Divine Blessings on the participants soon after the Divine Communion. BK Nirwair, BK Brijmohan and Dadi Ratanmohini conveyed spiritual greetings to all those present at the Holy Confluence.

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