27th Asian Retreat and 5th Anniversary of Asia Retreat Center in Malaysia

Malaysia :  The Garden of Allah – the heart of Asia received another golden lottery with the recent visit of Divine BK Brijmohan from Delhi. Malaysia celebrated its 27th annual Asian Retreat as a very special family gathering with the blessings of BK Brijmohan. The theme of the retreat was “My Baba(Father), My Family and My Home”.

The retreat began in the evening with Raja Yoga meditation and a briefing. This year was a trimurti celebration: the 5th Anniversary of the Asian Retreat Center (ARC), Hari Raya Celebration (Ramadan) and the 27th annual Asian Retreat. Brahma Kumars and Kumaris from Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated in the retreat and took a great deal of benefit.

Diamond Hall was beautifully decorated with a Golden Age background. BK
Brijmohan was warmly welcomed by 27 BK mothers holding ShivBaba’s flags and 27 BK fathers holding Malaysian flags.

The Cultural Program began with a special video, followed by a variety of dance performance which included a Malay dance, a Chinese Ribbon Dance, an Indian Dance by a children’s group, and a special cultural performance by a brother and four sisters from Bali, Indonesia.

This year’s retreat included 12 hours of silence from 8 am to 8 pm in which
72 participants volunteered to observe silence. With their determination to maintain silence (not using hand phones and internet during the period of silence), all other participants gave cooperation to keep the atmosphere of ARC powerful. Those who observed silence enjoyed the moments of silence, feeling light and moving like angels and their yoga experiences increased on that day.

Another newness in this year’s retreat was children honouring their parents with a crown, a flower and a gift expressing their love and appreciation for their parents’ sustenance.

The Program for the 27th Asian Retreat from June 4th to 8th included deep classes by BK Brijmohan on various topics, a panel discussion, an interview session, and intense yoga and drills.

BK Janaki, the National Coordinator of Indonesia, and BK Sapna
from New Delhi jointly shared their experiences of giving the return of sustenance.

BK Brijmohan’s entertaining way of explaining deep knowledge was very inspiring. His lightness, jovial nature, stability, clarity of knowledge, flexibility and gentleness won the heart of the participants. Participants commended that the retreat program was well planned, whereby they were given sufficient sustenance followed by meditation time and break time.

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