‘World Mother of Benevolence’ Award For Brahma Kumaris

Mumbai ( Maharashtra): The Lions District 3231- A1 Mumbai held an online Webinar in Hindi on the topic ‘Beyond Fear, Full of Good Feelings‘. MJF DG Lion Rajkumar Gupta welcomed everyone on this occasion and conferred the prestigious ‘World Mother of Benevolence‘ award to Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita, International Management Consultant and Senior Rajyoga Teacher,  Shantivan,  Mount Abu.  The Webinar received a good response from the audience as more than 200 viewers on YouTube and Zoom app benefited from it.

The award citation referred to the dedication of Dr. BK Sunita of her life energies to creating pure, loveful thoughts and nurturing every soul. She was referred to as an extraordinary ‘Incarnation of Benevolence’ in the present times, when the entire world is engulfed with fear, tension and negative energies.  It recognized her selfless, untiring spiritual endeavor, backed by her undaunting faith in the Supreme Almighty God. In the past four decades, she has brought about a miraculous, transformative change in the lives of lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of people around the Globe.

Lion Dr. Sushil Puniyani, Principal District Secretary, cordially introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. BK Sunita.

Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita, while presenting her keynote speech, highlighted some important aspects of good feelings to overcome fear. She backed these with practical resonating examples.  Connecting with the Supreme Soul through Meditation will remove the darkness of fear with good feelings.  Her speech was very well received by the audience and described as highly energetic and empowering.

First VDC Governor Lion Prasad Panvalkarji, MJF Lion Naresh Shah, District Cabinet Secretary PDG MJF Lion Kamlesh Dalal, and PDG MJF Lion Santosh Chauhan also greeted the audience and expressed gratitude towards the keynote speaker.

Questions from participants joining through YouTube live were answered satisfactorily by Dr. BK Sunita during the Question-and-Answer session.  Lion Dr. Sushil Puniyani, Principal District Cabinet Secretary, gave the vote of thanks.

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