What Happens After Death or Near Death

Gujarat: BK Dr. Hansa from Houston, Texas, USA, visited several parts of Saurashtra, Gujarat, to talk about “How to Create the Bodiless Stage through Raja Yoga Meditation” and “What Happens After Death or Near Death”. The cities where she gave these talks included Jamnagar, Junaghad, Somnath, Diu and Rajkot.

BK Dr. Hansa explained the benefits of the bodiless stage through Raja Yoga Meditation, and the benefits noted in science regarding patients who had an out-of-body experience (bodiless stage by accident, sickness, etc).  

Individuals who have an out-of-body experience typically lose the fear of death and become more forgiving, and open minded.  BK Dr. Hansa had two out-of-body experiences resulting from near death.  This has helped her to understand her patients who have had similar experiences.  The soul is spiritually empowered when it separates from the body, even if the separation from the body is momentary.

In Jamnagar, Dr. Hansaben gave a talk on the “Effect of Food on the Mind”: Food Consciousness vs. Soul Consciousness.  She said that preoccupation with food and diet is a form of body consciousness that weakens the soul and body.  

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