“Welcome Purity, Good Bye AIDS” – World AIDS Awareness Day Event

Islampur ( Maharashtra ): Purity is the mother of peace and happiness

Currently for this planet, purity is the need of the hour.

When we realise our true nature of purity, our dependency on people, places and things for peace and happiness drops on its own.

Purity protects us as a security shield. With purity comes true freedom.

Let’s welcome purity in our life by connecting to the Ocean of Purity, Almighty God and make our life healthy, wealthy and happy.

🗓️ 1st December 2020
🕰️ 11 am ~ 12 noon IST  (India time)

📲 Live Zoom Link

Meeting ID:
9412 773 0055

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📞 Brahma Kumaris
+91 99221 00965

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