Webinar on ‘Re-Engineering The Self’ by Brahma Kumaris Jalore

Jalore ( Rajasthan ): The Scientists and Engineers Wing and Brahma Kumaris Jalore organised a webinar on ‘RE-ENGINEERING THE SELF’ on Engineers’ Day.

Dr. Saurav Gupta, Research Scientist, Indianapolis, USA, sang a heart-touching welcome song and shared his experience of how spirituality has helped him to maintain balance between work and life. He said engineering means understanding the principles of science. He focused on three points: learning before earning, giving before getting, and remember to forget.

Rajayogi BK Mohan Singhal, Chairperson of the Scientists and Engineers Wing, Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Mount Abu, gave his keynote speech on the topic ‘RE-ENGINEERING THE SELF’. He said we need to have a balance between Purush (Soul) and Prakriti (Body or 5 elements). Exploitation of nature, the five elements, is the reason for nature’s reaction in the form of corona-virus and many more. Luxurious lifestyle is responsible for pollution. Ancient Indian culture has taught us Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Live and Let others Live. But now many species are going to lose their existence from the world, leading to ecological imbalance. Slowly we are heading towards destruction, Now time demands to have control over our own inner nature because outer nature is a reflection of inner nature only. He quoted Father of Science Albert Einstein’s statement, “Science without spirituality is blind and spirituality without science is lame.” If we protect Religion, then religion will protect us. Apart from building concrete bridges, we need to build bridges which can join human heart to heart.

Mr. Chater Singh Meena, Superintending Engineer (O&M), Jodhpur Discom, Jalore, said in his greetings that self-checking and observation is very important for re-engineering the self. We should not leave our moral values aside in the name of progress. Engineers can be said to be the builders of the modern world.

Rajyogini BK Ranju, Centre In-charge, Jalore, gave her divine blessings to all online participants. She said every morning if we take three tablets: peace, patience and love, then that helps us throughout the day. We need to make our thoughts positive and divine. She rightly said Honesty is the best policy. We need to imbibe values such as Purity, Sweetness, Honesty, Mercy, etc. We have been tired today by the mind, not by the body. We should develop the habit of thanking God every morning and think that today my day will be very good and feel the blessings from God for success in everything I do.

BK Uma, Centre In-charge, Balotra, facilitated the programme.

BK Geeta, Centre In-charge, Bhinmal, conducted a guided meditation.

BK Asmita, Senior Rajayoga Teacher, shared her experience of how she dedicated her life, resigning from lectureship at an engineering college.

Mr. H.P. Mishra, Former Engineer, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., Lucknow, said God has taught us to re-engineer the self. Imbibing values in life and doing selfless service is actual re-engineering.

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Youtube link:  https://youtu.be/2CA8LLLp_0k



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