Webinar for Doctors on “Sanitizing the Self” by Brahma Kumaris Rani

Rani ( Rajasthan ): Brahma Kumaris Rani conducted a webinar for doctors on “Sanitizing the Self” on July 1, National Doctors’ Day.
The program was coordinated by BK Asmita, BK Sonu, Rani Centre In-charge, who welcomed all the guest speakers and participants.
Dr. M. L. Mehta, Senior Medical Officer, In-charge, Community Health Centre, Rani, gave his good wishes to all doctors and suggested that they take care of themselves while serving others.

Rajyogi Dr. Banarsilal Sah, Secretary, Medical Wing, Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, extended his warm wishes to all doctors and inspired them to spread the message that immunity power can be raised by positive thinking.
Dr. Girish D. Patel, International award-winning psychotherapist, Mumbai, was the keynote speaker who addressed all the viewers. He said one needs to take care of mental, emotional sanitization along with sanitization at the physical level. Positive Emotions can heal whereas negative emotions can be the cause of many diseases. Emotions properly managed can lead to promotions whereas emotions not properly managed can be the cause of demotion. He gave the solution: negative emotions can be controlled by positive emotions. We need to develop a habit of positive thinking, positive attitude.

Many doctors and others took benefit via the zoom link and hundreds more through the youtube link.
Youtube link of the program https://youtu.be/O5NXJ6vBO6w

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