Ways to conserve inner and outer ecosystem : Earth Day celebrations in Mohali

Mohali ( Punjab ): Earth day was celebrated by Brahma Kumaris, Sukh Shanti Bhawan, Mohali, on 22nd April 2022.   Some 150 students from 5 different schools of Mohali attended the event.

BK Shashi addressed students about the outer ecosystem and ways to conserve it.  She also spoke about our ‘inner ecosystem’ and empowering it by the power of thoughts.

BK Aditi, Rajyoga Teacher, enlightened the students about the fundamentals of Rajyoga Meditation and how it can help us in enhancing both types of ecosystems.

BK Prem, In-charge Rajyoga Centres Mohali-Ropar Circle, explained about the importance of imbibing moral values for a happy life. She emphasized creating good feelings and vibrations for the whole universe so as to protect this beautiful planet.

A Quiz about Mother earth also took place for students. A Poster Making competition was also organised.  Students participated in the competition with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful posters which gave the message of saving our mother Earth and providing a greener environment to our future generations.

Students also took a pledge to save water, and all natural resources.

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